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tv   Newsline  WHUT  November 7, 2012 7:30am-8:00am EST

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union moves forward. >> back to the white house. american voters decide barack obama should lead them for another four years. welcome to nhk world "newsline." president barack obama says he's more determined and more inspired than ever to do his job. he won re-election after a tough campaign that lasted months and cost billions of dollars. republican challenger mitt romney just couldn't summon the support to defeat the incumbent. our partners at abc news project alabama won in 25 states and washington, d.c. that includes the swing states of virginia, wisconsin and colorado. his victory in the battleground of ohio pushed him past 270, the number of electoral votes needed to win the election. the latest projections say he secured 303 electoral votes.
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mitt romney took 206. florida is the only state yet to report. officials there are still counting ballots. reuters says the popular vote was 50% to 49% in obama's favor. obama gave his victory speech in the early hours of wednesday in chicago, illinois. he laid out a vision for his second term. >> the belief that while each of us will pursue our own individual dreams, we are an american family and we rise our fall together as one nation and as one people. and in the coming weeks and months, i am looking forward to reaching out and working with leaders of both parties to meet the challenges we can only solve together, reducing our deficit, reforming our tax code, fixing our immigration system, freeing
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ourselves from foreign oil. we've got more work to do. romney made his concession speech in boston, massachusetts. >> i so wish, i so wish that i had been able to fulfill your hopes to lead the country in a different direction. but the nation chose another leader. so ann and i join with you to earnestly pray for him and for this great nation. americans and people around the world are waiting to see how president obama will address the challenges he mentioned in his victory speech. nhk world's political commentator nakajima joins us. tell us how obama won a second term? >> for a start, he is the incumbent president that puts him in a position of power. all through u.s. history
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incumbents have usually had the advanta advantage. obama campaigned on his achievements. health care reform, ended the war in iraq, decided to pull back in afghanistan and killed osama bin laden. he took the lead in managing the disaster. that was a winning move. obama also found support among the middle class, the biggest group of american voters. he said he would end tax cuts for the wealthy and give everyone access to health care. >> i guess the big question is what will the president's next four years look like? >> along with his main domestic challenge, the economy, he'll also have to face challenges abroad. iran and north korea are two nations his administration will need to address. he'll continue to pressure them to stop their nuclear development. but at the same time president barack obama will have to be
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very careful to avoid military conflicts. he knows very well that most americans are already wary after the longest wars in u.s. history in iran and afghanistan. >> you mentioned part of this question, but how will he handle relations with asia? >> well, obama said a year ago that he plans to shift attention to asia pacific region. he also said that the u.s. is a pacific nation. the key will be how he handles china which will soon have new leadership. he said there's room to cooperate with the world's second largest economy. but he's also promising to keep pressure to abide by international rules and stop manipulating its currency. many americans consider china and economic threat. they're also wear of its military expansion. obama will likely strengthen relations with u.s. allies such as japan to keep -- to help keep
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china in check. so whether japan soon has transfer of power and new demonstration or continues with the current administration under prime minister yoshihiko noda, the country will have to prepare for obama's second term. >> all right, thanks for that ma say i don't. obama will likely need every day of his second term to get through the agenda he faces. we spoke more about the president's to-do list with professor mike mute soouk i can of george washington university. >> i think the number one priority will be on the domestic side dealing with the deficit issue, the entitlement programs and reaching out to the republican party to see if he can break the deadlock. in terms of foreign policy, it comes down to this, that the united states needs to be able to do more with less resources.
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there have been many president that is have come into office that wanted to focus on asia. it's a no-brainer that the asia pacific region is perhaps the most dynamic and important region for the united states. but you have to remember that the united states is a global power, and when there are new issues that emerge in the middle east or elsewhere, south asia, that need critical attention, then the united states will turn its focus to that part of the world and away from asia as we saw during the administration of george w. bush. but to the extent that it can focus on the asia pacific region, he is going to have to get more support, more contribution from asian friends and allies. that includes japan. and there is a big agenda in
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u.s.-japan relations. there's the okinawa issue, the future of defense cooperation, the territorial problems that japan has in the region, the transpacific partnership. i could go on and on. a lot of these issues the president will want to engage japan, but the big question facing the obama administration is that, is there a functioning strong government in japan so that he can work with that government to solve these very complicated issues. >> as the professor points out, there are a lot of challenges. nhk world's political reporter engine ohka wa has more. >> japanese prime minister yoshihiko noda has con gralt lated the u.s. president and promised his cooperation. the administration will also welcome obama's second term.
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the u.s. will maintain international policies including focus on asia oovmts problems remain for japan-u.s. plans. there is the plan to relocate futenma air station. the deployment of the as sproe aircraft is another sticking point. defense officials have yet to convince local populations to accept training flights over their neighborhoods. in okinawa people are calling for stronger controls on u.s. troops after the recent sexual assault of a woman by u.s. servicemen. on the economy japanese officials will be preparing a response should the u.s. press japan into joining free trade talks for the transpacific partnership. there may be friction if the u.s. insists japan drop its tariffs. but overall, obama's win should be good for japan.
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there's the chance of stronger u.s. ties. with china relation is gone sour over the senkaku islands conflict, that's sure to be reassures. june ohka wa, nhk world, tokyo. leaders around the world wasted little time congratulating president's re-election. he said he's sure the u.s. and south korea will continue to develop their alliance. he added ties have gotten stronger and more dynamic than ever over the past four years especially because of a free trade agreement. a spokesperson for the presidential office said wednesday south korea will keep working closely with obama for peace and stability on the korean peninsula and northeast asia. russian president vladimir putin sent obama a telegram
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congratulating him on winning a second term. the spokesperson declined to discuss the contents of the message but said he hopes the pe impact on russia's ties with the united states. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has congratulated obama. in a statement he said he'll continue to work with the u.s. president to ensure interests vital for the security of israel's citizens. the two are divided over how to deal with israel's. mahmoud abbas also released a statement saying he hopes obama will continue his efforts to achieve peace in the middle east. the lead officials in charge of china are gathering in beijing to chart the country's future. the communist party is about to begin its transition of power.
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hu jintao and other leaders who had been at the top for a decade are stepping aside. the next generation is taking over. the 18th congress of the chinese communist party starts thursday. the meeting happens every five years. delegates will approve new policies and appoint new party leaders for the five years to come. chinese authorities waited until the eve of the congress to confirm details of this year's gathering. nhk world's michitaka yamaka in beijing has more. >> reporter: chinese communist party gathered in beijing's great hall of the people to make their long-awaited announcement. they said the national congress will start thursday and run for seven days. the meetings wraps up a ten-year-long, two-term rule of general secretary hu jintao and his associates. they led a nation that has become a global power. china is the world's second
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largest economy, but it has its share of problems. chinese worry about the widening income disparate between urban and rural areas. they are concerned about the environment and pollution and are angry about widespread corruption among local and national authorities. the case involving bow shin lie high lated this issue. party officials expelled the former head of chang congress city over accusations he abused his power and accepting bribes. he's expect pd to face criminal prosecution. his wife is already in jail for the murder of a businessman. congress nift party wanted to show they take this kind of case and other pressing issues seriously. they are expecting to incorporate the concept of
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scientific development in the party's action guidelines, the centerpiece of its platform. president hu back it is concept. it calls for sustainable approach to economic and social progress that takes into account the environment and the citizens. it will be up to the party's next generation of top members to promote scientific development. delegates to the congress will choose about 200 people to serve on the central committee. then officials will announce the new leader lineup which is expected to be headed by she jingping. sources close to the party say the number of political standing members will be reduced to seven from the current nine. the change is intended to speed up the decision-making process.
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party members will spend the coming days jockeying for position. then in a week people in china will find out who will lead them for the next five to ten years. michitaka yamaka, nhk world, beijing. >> michitaka and the rest of our team will be following the congress every step of the way and guiding us through the issues. stays with "newsline" for continuing coverage of china's transition of power. cradle of culture. economic powerhouse. many enjoy the fruits of prosperity along the path to a new china. but millions are missing out. at a time of growing public discontent, members of the communist party are choosing their new leaders. news line kres spon depths will report. don't miss our special coverage, "china: the next generation" starting thursday, november 8 at
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8:00 p.m. japan time here on "newsline." one of japan's largest trading partners is the united states. yang gi canning is in the studio to tell us how barack obama's second term will affect economic ties between the two countries. >> japanese officials think economic ties are pretty much going to stay the way they are. business leaders are saying they want obama to tackle some of the pressing economic issues in and outside the united states. now that u.s. president barack obama has won the election, japanese government officials predict that economic relations between the two countries will remain unchanged. they plan to keep a close watch on future developments. officials now believe that negotiations for japan to join the transpacific partnership may begin in earnest. no major advancement was seen prior to the u.s. president election. the u.s. has been demanding futher liberalization of japan's car and insurance marnths. this could trigger conflict
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between the two countries in the future. the japanese government is also concerned about the strong yen if the obama administration continues to take monetary easing measures. if the currency strengthens any further, it will have a major impact on japanese manufacturers. the chairman of japan business administration says the obama administration will continue to place importance to the asia pacific region. he urged the japanese government to take a step forward into the u.s.-led free trade talks under the transpacific partnership. >> translator: our government must make a decision to join the negotiating table of the tpp as soon as possible. it's crucial to have japan's voice reflected in the process of creating free trade rules for the asia pacific region: more reactions to obama's re-election. japanese business leaders are expressing hope obama will fix the fiscal cliff, referring to
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deep cuts in government spending and expiring of income tax reductions. that's if u.s. lawmakers fail to come to a consensus by the end of this year. chairman of the japan chamber of commerce and industry, tadashi okamura says he urges obama to take swift steps to avoid falling off the fiscal cliff. he says the problem is serious enough to affect not only the u.s. economy but the global economy as well. this comes at a time when the pace of recovery is slowing down. meanwhile, chairman association of corporate executives, yas chica hasegawa says he hopes to take measures to stimulate economic growth while he faces the task of rebuilding the country's finances. european share prices are trading higher after the re-election of president obama. as you see on your screens there, we are seeing gains across the board.
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london's ftse 100 is up by about .4%. dax is also up about .4%. in paris, the cac 40 is up about .7%. market players remain cautious as they wait to see the vote by greek lawmakers on the austerity package later in the day. earlier asian stock prices were mostly higher on wednesday. hong kong shares were up about .7%. singapore rose .8%. nikkei average ended marginally lower extending losses to three days. finally a quick look at currencies, the dollar is gaining ground against the yen and euro on the hope that obama's re-election would help prop up the u.s. economy now exchanging hands 80.38 to 39. euro quoted at 12818 to 19. a japanese government panel will draw up a timetable for overhauling the nation's power supply system by the end of this year.
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an industry ministry task force resumed talks on the reforms on wednesday. that's after the government came up with a new energy policy in september. the policy requires phasing out the reliance on nuclear power and greater use of green energy. under the plan households would be able to choose their power suppliers. the task force also called for a separation of power generation and transmission operations to fully deregulate the electricity market. the panel began reviewing the power supply system following last year's nuclear accident at the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant. australians have seen their economy grow over the past decade because of a resources boom. demand from china has fueled their mining sector, but that boom has gone bust in part because of a slowdown with the chinese economy. nhk world has more of the fallout. >> reporter: this is an airport in perth, western australia.
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many of the passengers arriving here from around the country are miners, they board plans chartered by mining companies and fly to various locations close to the mines. the miners work for seven to ten days at a time and then return home to their families to rest. these laborers have been the backbone of the mining boom. >> i love it. i've been doing it for 12 years. it's been good for me. obviously the even time roster is a preferred roster. very family friendly. >> reporter: western australia has an abundance of mines. they produce iron ore, gold and other minerals. many mining companies have opened offices in the state capital perth. the city's population has grown considerably over the last decade. but now --
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>> the dramatic file in iron ore prices has sent shock waves through australia's resources industry. >> reporter: in september, a major australian mining firm suspended its iron ore production at a mine near perth. the world's largest resource company also said it would scrap a plan to invest $20 billion on expanding gold and uranium mines. both decisions were prompted by a drop in foreign demand, especially from china. >> there's no doubt it has an enormous impact. they're the biggest consumer of our iron ore. iron orre is australia's biggest export. its market price in september fell to half the peak level in january 2011. australia posted a huge deficit in its latest trade data for the first time in about 4 1/2 years.
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resources companies are dismissing their employees, and local labor unions say thousands of workers in the mining industry would probably lose their jobs over the next few years. >> it's been a once-in-a-lifetime boom situation, and the key issue i think is really about how you manage that boom and bust cycle. >> the australian government released a white paper last month looking at how the country could take advantage of asia's rise this century. some experts warn the region could be a source of uncertainty and that the government needs to prepare for that uncertainty. that's all for now in business news. clear skies in tokyo, but it looks like a different story in northern japan.
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robert speta is here with weather. >> across portions of hokkaido you're seeing rough weather. you can see the spin on the satellite picture. it's attached to a potent storm system that already brought about 300 millimeters in the past 24 hours in portions of hokkaido. that's record breaking for the month of november. not to mention, you've been seeing reports, over 100 kilometer-per-hour winds pushing along the west coast. destructive winds, heavy rains. this is one very potent storm. on top of that, an additional 150 to 200 millimeters of rain out here. the rest of japan, sunny skies in place. we have this pressure coming in from the west. that's bringing in colder temperatures. actually frost advisories in effect in portions of western japan. this area in the blue in central china, already bringing about 50 millimeters into the next 24 hours here. that's goings to start to pull towards the east, bringing all the precipitation with it on saturday going into sunday over the weekend here in japan, even off towards korea.
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definitely want to watch that storm system. in the tropics, things are remaining quiet. isolated pop-up storms. in northern luzon, 93 millimeters report phd the past 24 hours. temperatures in beijing, a high of 10. ulan bator near the freezing mark. in tokyo the low 20s on your thursday. over towards the americas, let's talk about this storm system. this nor'easter pulling off towards the north. it has been bringing rough weather already and already hurricane-force-strength winds in effect across the region. it doesn't mean it's a hurricane. it's a nor'easter. heavy winds across this area as it pulls to the northeast. potent storm system not to mention the heavy rains, but also the snow that's going to be pulled in from maine to eastern pennsylvania. tuflly winter storm advisories in effect. you'll be seeing about three to
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six centimeters of snowfall. even the mix of rain and snow near the coastline arc companied by the very gusty winds. some of these areas will be seeing blizzard and whiteout conditions. driving is going to be extremely dangerous. you plan on flying in and out of here, do expect delays and cancellations as the storm system pulls to the north. temperatures will look like this, single digits in winnipeg. chicago at eight. on the flip side of that, houston still in the high 20s in the middle of your week. let's look over towards europe. we've been seeing a series of low pressure areas. it's been bringing wet weather as it pushes off towards the black sea. still want to show you video out of croatia where flash floods continue to threaten northwestern croatia. cars and homes have been submerged. one village was totally inundated as rivers burst their banks. firefighters are on standby with sandbags.
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in madeira on monday, heavy rains and strong winds caused landslides which destroyed several homes. rivers also burst their banks here as cars were swept away due to the heavy rainfall. that storm system just off the coast of portugal is still continuing to linger, bringing all the rough weather with it. gusty winds and heavy rain in the british ooils. temperatures looking like this, london with a high of 11. single digits in eastern europe. here is a look at your extended forecast.
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we'll be back with more updates in 30 minutes with updates. i'm gene otani in tokyo.
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